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Is there any Mantra to get married soon

Rohtak, India.
                 (Question Posted At : 11:20AM , 03 Aug, 2012.)

Guruji i am a 29 years old girl from Haryana, India.
Guruji my age is increasing day by day, but i am not getting married. Due to this , i and my parents are so much tensed and in depression.
I do not know much about astrology and all, but give me any mantra if there any mantra to get married.
Please tell me Is there any mantra by which i can get married, i have tried many fasts and worships, suggested by our family pandit ji.


Guruji Ramnath Ji Shastri
Rajasthan, India.

Email: gurujiramnath@gmail.com
Phone: +91-9772389552

Hello Sonam,

My child, i have read your question posted, you do not worry about your issue. You send me a personal email on our email id "gurujiramnath@gmail.com", because it is difficult to reply everyone here on website. So please send me a personal email with your contact information and your complete issue, i will reply you on mail. you do not worry about your issues, by god's bless everything will be alright soon, even better than before. now you no need to worry more about this, i am here to help you.
Bless You !

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Shruti Posted By:
Miss Shruti Bajaj,
London, United Kingdom.

I am Shruti nativly i belonged to northern india, but currently living in London, Uk. 8months ago i was broken in my life and about to die because of some issues of my love life. but by guruji's bless now from 4 months everything is good in our relation, even much better than before. Thank You so much Guruji !

Sam Posted By:
Calirfonia, USA.

Hi, i am sam from USA. I was so much alone when the girl whom i love u madly left me for some other guy. then on day i found this website on internet, first i do not beleive because of distance of other country. but i just try because there was no any other way to me. today i am saying that i taken a right decision to contact Guruji. Guruji ! I won my ex lover back by your help and spells. I wish that in future your bless with me all time. Thank You So much !

Kamlesh Posted By:
Mrs. Kamlesh Gaur,
Chandigarh, INDIA.

I am a house wife from a rich family. By god's bless i had everything, but after 10 years of my marriage i was not having any child. we met so much doctors but nothing happen good. Then my an relative lady of my sister in law suggest me to contact to guruji. Guruji gave me some simple spells and some worships guruji himself done for me, and after 3 month i get report that i was pragnent. today i am a happy mother of a baby boy of 8 months. this is just your bless guruji. Thank you So much !

Kuldeep Posted By:
Mr. Kuldeep Singh,
Bangalore, INDIA.

I was so much dipressed when i face a high loss in my Trading business. I was in high stress and was about to be mad. Because i sold my home, my office, jwellary of my wife to cover the loss. but i was failed everytime. Then suddenly i saw a post of guruji, and contact to guruji immidiately. after i use guruji remedies, it take 4 months, but i stand again. and today i am leading 3 private limited companies in india. My success is dedicated only to you guruji. Thank You !

Sonia Posted By:
Miss Sonia Ved,
Jaipur- Rajasthan, INDIA.

I am Sonia from Jaipur. i am a studend. I was in love relation from last 6 years. i was so much serious and take dreams everytime to marry with my true love. Everything was so much smooth, but one day i come to know that that boy is having some other affair with a girl outside jaipur. I found myself so much helpless. i even thinked to do sucide. but by my good luck, my friend tell me about guruji ramnath ji. and he gave me guruji's number. then i contact guruji and guruji tell me some vashikaram mantras for my boyfriend. Now he is so much loyal to me. and we are planning to marry in 2014. If we will live a happy married life, it will be only a bless of guruji for me. Thank you Guruji from my deep heart.

Divyesh Posted By:
Mr. Divyesh Mehta,
New Delhi, INDIA.

Hi, i am divyesh , a businessman from New Delhi India. I am married in 2006 have one baby girl of 5years. but i was facing some issues in me and my wife from 2008. and the matter comes near divorce. Then i found guruji's number somewhere and i contacted to guruji. and by guruji's remedies within 21 days my wife say me sorry for everything and today i am living happily with my wife and my baby. Guruji Thanks from my deep heart. I got my wife and child by bless of only you ! Thank You so much !

Vasanth Posted By:
Mr. Vasanth Vanniar,
Kerala, INDIA.

Thank You guruji for you kind help in my health & financial matter by your prayers, i was so much dipressed before contact to you. But Now i am So Much happy in my Life.

Praveen Posted By:
Mr. Praveen Kumar,
Mumbai- Maharashtra, INDIA.

I was so much confused after my graduation. i wanted to get a good job in MNC companies etc. but everytime i was rejected. but after guruji's remedies within two months i get call letter from a leading company and finally i got my desire Job just by your Bless. Thanks Guruji. Keep blessing to Everyone ! Thank You so much !

Harishita Posted By:
Mrs. Harshita Keshari,
Surat- Gujrat, INDIA.

Guruji i was so much dipressed due to an affair of my husband. He sometimes even didnt come to home for days. But now everything is ok, my hubby loves me so much now. Thank You Guruji !

Rohit Posted By:
Mr. Rohit Mangal,

Guruji my girlfriend came back to me by your Vashikaran worship. Thank You Guruji. Now we are happy in our relation. Thank You so much !

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